Cuba all inclusive resorts, when can we go?

October 5, 2011 at 1:53 PM by Tom Carr


Cuba…mysterious and exotic to  residents of the USA.  Possessing the allure of the unknown and a bit of Old World Caribbean mixed with an edginess that endures from the past history with US politics, Cuba remains off limits to most of you.  The United States still enforces an economic embargo against Cuba as a result of previous political differences. This poses a problem for travel to Cuba as restrictions keep only but a few willing travelers from the experience. As relations have improved somewhat, there is ongoing talk about opening up Cuba for travel to all of us.

Recently, the US Government granted special licenses to specific tour operators that conduct “educational” tours of Cuba.  These packages look more like a “working” trip in that there are mandatory schedules that require you to do much more than relax on a beach.  There are other exceptions to the travel restrictions that can be found here: US to Cuba Travel Information

Did you know that there are a number of all inclusive resorts in Cuba? I bet you didn’t even think about it.  The Varadero Beach area of Cuba is home to Breezes, Iberostar, Barcelo and Paradisus all inclusive resorts to name a few. Do I know much about them? Only from what I have read.  Why am I writing about this today? Because Cuba is one of those places that we need to see! You and I should have the right to travel here unrestricted.  I know there is a lot of political baggage that comes with patronizing Cuba. However, I want to see the island for its beauty, the classic cars that are still there, and hopefully bring some help to those in need on the Caribbean’s largest island.  I read where the Cuba government just opened up the purchase of cars to everyone. This had been reserved for only a select few since the 1959 revolution. The old classics might fade away soon, so I hope to get there before all of the Toyotas move in :) Cuba allows buy and sell of cars

When can you expect to travel to Cuba for a relaxing stay? No one can be for sure, but gradual changes are being made and Cuba reforms point to a more open approach to their economy and people.  Signs point to more and more opportunities for travel to this Caribbean destination. And the all inclusive hotels are waiting for you!

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PS The rest of the world, including many Canadians, have been traveling to Cuba for years….What will happen when Americans are allowed to travel there? I bet it will be hard to find a seat on the plane.

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