Friday, 26 January 2007 06:20

Why wait?

With the new Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative already in effect, passport expediting services from the Department of State and other providers are in popular demand. Those set for Caribbean travel consider the costs associated with the service to be miniscule in comparison to a cancelled trip.

With expediting services for as low as $60 and smooth application processing, providers are making it relatively easy to get a passport quickly. The Department of State makes it as simple as writing “Expedited” on the envelope and including the additional charge in your payment, while other providers require a few more steps.  Regular passport applications can take up to 10 weeks for processing. The expedited service should be used for travel less than 10 weeks from the application date.

As far as turnaround times, the U.S. Department of State offers expedited passports in just 2 weeks from application date, and other agencies claim a speedy turnaround time of just 24-hours.

Useful resources to get your passport expedited

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